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After 60 years of experience into the biotechnological field for wine production,  in the 2011 Fast ingredients was born.  A team of people with diversified background and experiences in food and nutraceutical sectors.

The Fast Ingredients philosophy

A young and dynamic reality to support our customers offering them cooperation, competence, professionality and quality service.

Quality policy

Since 1954, ENOTECNICA has been marketing products intended for oenology, leading to the development of the “L’Eno” product line specific to the sector. Since 2014 the company has expanded its products to the food and nutraceutical sector by creating the “Fast Ingredients” division

Our Company pursues a policy oriented to the following principles:

PRODUCT / SERVICE QUALITY: obtained through the careful choice of the products marketed, the use of packaging methods more appropriate to the product and the choice of reliable suppliers, aligned with the regulations, with whom a relationship of mutual trust and knowledge is established;

PRICE: maintenance of the alignment in the product quality and service to the price;

FOOD SAFETY: understood as compliance with the hygiene requirements of the treated product and protection of consumer health through the application and improvement of its Quality and Food Safety Management System, developed and implemented in line with the voluntary standards applied and recognized internationally;

CUSTOMER FOCUS: by taking care of the service and the product, trying to anticipate the requests of the same in order to increase their satisfaction;

ENVIRONMENT: compliance with mandatory legislation on the subject and environmental responsibility translated into the commitment to environmental sustainability and, in particular, to the production of energy from renewable sources, thus ensuring the sustainability of processes with minimum pollution and energy investment;

ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS STAFF: basing its principles on the importance of the quality and experience of human resources, without which no business process, machinery or plant, even the most modern and efficient, could give the desired results. With regard to this point, the company intends to:

– disseminate the PRINCIPLES OF FOOD SAFETY to its staff because it must be clear that:

– everyone carries out important tasks and activities

– the work carried out must be carried out in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force and with the requests sent by the customer

– everyone must undertake to familiarize themselves with the Quality and Food Safety management system

– foster a work environment inspired by RESPECT, CORRECTNESS and COLLABORATION, thus allowing the involvement and empowerment of staff

-take care of aspects relating to the SAFETY of its employees and external collaborators in order to minimize the dangers associated with the activities and avoid accidents in the workplace

ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES: extending the code of ethics applied in the company to other interested parties, especially customers and suppliers

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: maintaining the ability to generate income and work and a lasting growth of economic indicators;

COMPLIANCE WITH LAW REQUIREMENTS: compliance with food regulations related to the product and the process.

THE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR QUALITY and FOOD SAFETY: Everyone must actively participate in the growth of food safety, collaborating with the management in defining management procedures and committing themselves to the detection and prompt removal of non-compliance with lines defined by the Food Safety documentation, for a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

The main goals that the Management has set itself are:

– Ensuring customer satisfaction by offering a high-end product and a service targeted to customer needs while respecting contractual deadlines;

– Loyalty to customers with whom it boasts a multi-year collaboration, both for the wine sector and in the Food sector, remaining the point of reference for the sector in the territory

– Consolidate the brand by opening or implementing markets in new geographical areas, including abroad

– Improve the internal organization by aiming for the highest level of reliability and operational speed, optimizing resources in order to encourage the involvement of all company figures in achieving the objectives;

– Consolidate and maintain, through a documented system, the results achieved.

– Ensure the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the company

The Quality and Food Safety Policy is made known to all the staff working within the Company and each collaborator, for his specific task, is trained and informed of the objectives pursued by the Management which revises each year and verifies the progress.


The headquarter, located in the beautiful hills of Basso Monferrato, offers more than 10.000 square meters of warehouses and a constantly evolving storage and product delivery “just in time”.

In April 2018 the mixing and packaging line was inaugurated.

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The company is a partner and preferential distributor of important international producers.

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